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Project Description
A project where im putting all my public samples in a single WP7 client test application

To get started, click here to download the latest solution (source code)

Samples List

Sample 1: Music and Video Hub (also known as MaV)


  • Create entries in the Music and Video hub categories including: New, History or Now Playing items
  • Creates the Image for Music and Video hub categories dynamically using UserControls (by passing them through WriteableBitmap)
  • Demonstrates how to capture parameters passed back from Music and Video hub when the application is resumed and how to load your "player" to resume where the user left of

Known issues:

  • There is no API to clean-up MaV items you create: New, history and now playing items. This means as you test you will create entries that will temporarily clutter your phones items lists (until more items come in to replace them)
  • When creating images dynamically for MaV images it must not exceed 16384 (bytes i think)
    • If your image exceeds the allowed image size you'll get an exception "System.ArgumentException: image stream size bigger than maximum allowed 16384"
  • You cannot debug this with a device if you use Zune to connect to your phone, instead use the newer "Windows Phone Connect Tool:
    • If you try to use Zune you will get the following exception when calling the WP7 API's to integrate with MaV "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x803A008A): 0x803a008a"

(Issues list last updated: 12/21/2010)

About the Creator

This sample project is created by me Dmitry Lyalin. Currently I work for Microsoft Corporation but this project is created independently and is not an official Microsoft product, sample or service. Please use all code at your own risk!

If you wish to learn more or contact me visit my Windows Phone 7 blog at

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